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I am writing this text under a steadfast gaze of Karina (ex-Head of Sales at Appodeal/Stack) and under heavy trolling of Lera, our resident Gen Z artist - that's the vibe.

I am Olle, but you may know me as Olegas or Олег or Aleh, that loud dude who used to evangelize at Unity and then did something crazy at King.

I am writing this text under casual watch by Karina (ex-Head of Sales at Appodeal/Stack) and under heavy trolling of Lera, our resident Gen Z artist.

That’s the vibe. Scroll on =)

The Worst of Us

The anti-corporate corporate video blog. A weekly show where we make hilarious fun of each other (© Mr Waffle) while talking about what’s important to our startup - audio-first communities, games industry, Lithuanian startup visa application…

Also, it will take you 32 seconds to figure out why the episode is titled “hangover“.

Gamedev Stories

The idea is to open up the game development bosses from their human sides.

Really. How do you even approach a director from Bioware or Guerrilla games at a conference? Would you say “your slides are so beautiful“? Mm-m-right?

After watching our videos though, you can ask John Epler about Stalker, Metro, kids, dogs; you can ask Ben McCaw about cosplay, TikTok, how to hold a piece of paper and look so happy.

DevGAMM Firesides

4 days, 4 heads, 4 stories. We invited 4 heads of various gamedev studios - mobile, indie, AAA, publishing - to reflect on the year 2020 and the future as they see it. Everyone gets the same 4 questions.

My favourite insight is Fawzi’s advice of how to hold sneeze =) It is becoming an internal joke now, but if you’re reading this, you are considered internal enough.

No spam, no links, no BS

Lera insists this is a letter to a friend, not a piece of marketing. So there is just one single link today - our YouTube channel.

If you feel like it, you can also look for devrelevents on

  • Twitch to watch raw and unedited livestreams

  • Instagram to get casual 2-3 minute featurettes and previews

What have you just read

We experiment a lot with livestreaming formats and platforms. Our twitch, YouTube, Discord, Instagram and other resources are like an R&D lab.

We're not whatever influencers doing content for ads and dopamine. We do this for companies who pay us for content production on their channels.

But our subscribers (like you) get to see whatever we do before anybody else.

A sincere thank you and a virtual hug for reading it to the last line <3